Unlimited Solar Energy (U.S.E.) is a Solar Company serving all of California.

Our product specialists have access to nearly every solar
product available today so you don’t have to settle for whatever
panel or battery one particular company happens to carry. 

We research different solutions taking into account location/terrain,
 sun patterns and your power needs, then design and build your
 custom solar system to fit your specifications and power needs.

At U.S.E. we believe in getting people a system that changes

their lives and improves their standard of living. Our

goals are to help you break free from the power company

and keep your home safe during any kind of outage. If

PG&E has an outage what will you do to keep the

essential electronics going? Going solar can eliminate your

electricity bill, saving you tons of money and helps

protect you and your family when the grid goes down. 

Call us today @ (916) 508-0051 to setup a free consultation or click here to get your free solar savings estimate online!